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How To Be In
The Parade

Day-of Registration

Parade Logistics

Parade Ideas

Past Parade Photos

March for a clean, healthy future in the
Earth Day Parade at EarthFair 2018
All Species Welcome

  • 2016EarthDay-2
  • BeautyQueens
  • CoolIt
  • DecompositionTimelines
  • EParadeLead
  • FightClimateChange
  • MarcingBandDrummer
  • Ms-Smarty-Plants

The 2018 Parade Theme:
We're All In This Together

What is it?
A parade to celebrate the variety of life on earth and demonstrate a commitment to a clean, healthy environment. The Parade is a kick-off for EarthFair 2018, the world's largest free environmental fair and Earth Day celebration.
When is it?
Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Earth Day!
Line up 9:30 am – 10:15 am
Parade begins at 10:30 am
Total marching time: about 30 minutes
Where is it?
In Balboa Park, the parade proceeds from the Natural History Museum, west to the Art Museum, south past the Organ Pavilion, ending at the Pan American Plaza (parade follows the red line of this exhibitor map).
Who can participate?
Any group with at least three participants. Past parades have included: scouts, schools, clubs, churches, museums, sports groups… anyone interested in preserving the Earth. We also invite bands, clowns and animals to participate.
    Participants are invited to present their favorite earth-friendly messages, to dress up as endangered species, and in general share their commitment to a clean, healthy future.

How to be in the Parade
  1. Decide on a theme, activity, or project. Discuss with friends, teachers, coaches, etc. (see ideas and photos below).
  2. Register for the Parade using our on-line registration system.
    Go to sdew.earthmedia1.com/login, sign up as an associate, and fill out the on-line registration form.
  3. On April 22, arrive at the staging area on Village Place, off Park Blvd. A representative from each participating group should check in at the registration table by 9:30 am
  4. March in the Parade. Enjoy the Children's Area activities. Check out the exhibits, food and fun at the EarthFair.
Day-of Registration
Groups may join the parade without prior registration if they register on parade day at the registration table. Last minute groups are welcome to participate but will be placed at the end of the parade and will not be included in the parade announcements.

Parade Logistics

Staging Area
The parade will be staged on Village Place, off Park Blvd., on the east side of Balboa Park. Park in the lots off Village Place just after turning off Park Blvd. Check in at the Registration Table; volunteers will show you where to set up for the parade.
Arrival Time
Traffic around the park will start to get very busy around 9:00 am, and the parking lots will fill. A representative from each participating group must check in at the registration table by 9:00 am. Your group must be ready to march by 10:15 am.
Special Displays
If you have floats, vehicles or other special equipment that will be in the parade, please email: ef18exh@earthdayweb.org.
Parade Waiver
Each parade participant must complete a Waiver, and give it to San Diego EarthWorks prior to the parade. You can download a copy from this link. You can email or mail us a completed Waiver, or bring it along and hand it in at the registration table at EarthFair.
Don't Forget…
Sun block, water for kids and animals, bags to carry personal belongings, sanitary aids for animals, strollers, wagons and carts for kids' projects, floats, etc.
For more information…
Email San Diego EarthWorks at: ef18exh@earthdayweb.org, or call the EarthWorks office at: 858-272-7370.

Parade Ideas

    This year’s Silver Anniversary San Diego Earth Day Parade theme is “Be A Solution!” There are many environmental problems that need solving... make a different by being a solution for your most important issue.

    The following are ideas you may want to consider as a focus for your own parade team:

Endangered Animals Ocean Life
Indigenous Traditions Wilderness
Habitat Restoration Trees/Reforestation
Rainforests People
Desert Life Wetlands
Peace Biodiversity
“Mother Nature” Recycle/Reduce Waste
Taking Care of Earth and Ourselves

Past Parade Photos

Many groups march with banners with their message…

  • Campfire
  • CCC
  • EarthDayEveryDay
  • FightClimateChange
  • HealTheGyre
  • SavetheOcean
  • SeanMerriman
  • StopOverfishing
  • StopPipeline2

Home-made posters get the job done, too

  • 2016EarthDayPhotoMagico-2
  • DoYourPart
  • ParadeBest-10
  • ParadeBest-2
  • PosterKids
  • SaveOurOcean
  • SavetheSeagirl

These Scouts demonstrate the ultimate in zero-pollution
transportation. The Flintstones would be proud!

Some dress up as their favorite endangered species...

  • BigBird
  • CardboardDragon
  • EarthDaywhalesign
  • Jeanne's
  • ParadeBest-11
  • ParadeBest-9
  • ParadeBest-5
  • TigerKid
  • MaskKids
  • FishKids

A little marching music…

  • Drummers (1 of 1)
  • MarcingBand
  • MarcingBandDrummer

Let your creativity flow...

  • Grape
  • LuchaLibre
  • MissSanDiegoCounty
  • PlasticBagWoman
  • WildCoastGals

All Species Welcome, be they exotic...

or more common…

And all ages!



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